New sponsor for optimistic Wilcox after brake problems ruin Rockingham races

10 09 2011

Adam Wilcox

Wilcox has announced a new sponsor for 2011 and 2012 and remains positive

ADAM Wilcox put a tough Rockingham weekend in the British GT behind him by announcing a new sponsor for the remainder of 2011 and 2012.

Wilcox finished eighth in a rain-affected race one and was way down the field in the second race as he was dogged by a ABS problem all weekend which caused teammate Phil Burton to spin a number of times.

But Wilcox has announced a new deal with Lichfield based Crave It Marketing Ltd and will offer some good news going into the remaining two races of the season.

The Predator CCTV team decided to run on wets in race one but an early spin for Burton meant they could not capitalise as much as they would have liked.

But despite mechanical problems Wilcox remains upbeat and positive about racing and is always looking to get better and better.

He said: “I really thought the Scud would be fast at least over a single lap but was really struggling especially with our problems.

“Whether I’m racing for first or racing for last but one place I always give 100% and try and achieve the best results possible.”

And as a self-confessed fitness fanatic Wilcox is looking forward to the two and three hour endurances that will feature at Donington and Silverstone.

He added: “I also think the Scud will be more competitive at Doni and Silv as they are more flowing circuts. We seem to really struggle on slower hairpins with narrower tyres compared to most the other cars.


Wilcox disappointed with old Ferrari 430 after unreliability costs team in Belgium

11 07 2011

The Ferrari 430 Scuderia had looked quick in testing but a broken rear damper scuppered a podium

The Ferrari 430 Scuderia has been unreliable in 2011 and clutch failure put paid to Wilcox's chances at Spa

A DISAPPOINTING season for Lichfield British GT star Adam Wilcox continued at Spa this weekend as mechanical problems once more plagued his Ferrari 430.

Wilcox and co-driver Phil Burton finished Race One at Spa on Saturday in eighth but managed only seven laps in Race Two before a gearbox failure forced them out.

A clutch fault in first practice on Friday morning set the tone for the race meeting as the Predator CCTV Racing pair had no car setup time with the team working to the wire to get them out for qualifying.

And Wilcox is disappointed with how the older Ferrari 430 has matched up against the newer machines such as the Ferrari 458s and Audi R8s.

He explained: “I think it’s clear the 430 is long in the tooth now as all the new cars such as the 458 and McLaren are faster over a single lap.

“Not only that but they are also able to maintain the pace due to the massive tyres sizes they have so the tyre drop is nowhere near how fast the 430 loses its grip.”

Wilcox and the team are happy to put Spa behind them and are working towards challenging in the remaining races but are also looking ahead to 2012 already.

The Lichfield ace added: “The car will be rebuilt and we plan to do some testing in the time off to maximize what we have with the 430 Scuderia because it’s still a fast car.

“I think we would need a bit of luck to challenge for wins but it’s possible. We are already looking ahead to 2012 and seeing which of the new cars available would give us the best chance to have a crack at the British GT title.”

The 2011 Avon Tyres British GT season has a mini-summer break before returning to action at Rockingham in early September.

Wilcox believes settled Ferrari 430 can profit from the unreliability of newer cars

17 04 2011

Adam Wilcox

Wilcox is positive about his chances after a strong pre-season

ADAM Wilcox is hoping a settled team and a fully developed car will power him to a podium at Oulton Park in the opening round of the British GT Championship on Easter Monday.

The Lichfield GT star will again compete with Phil Burton in a Ferrari 430 Scuderia for Predator CCTV Racing in 2011 and is optimistic about their chances despite tough competition.

A host of newer machines have been confirmed for the season with a Mercedes SLS, Audi R8 and the new Ferrari 458 set to offer a stern test to the experienced Wilcox.

But Wilcox believes by sticking with the older Scuderia they will be able to rack up some early points whilst the newer teams are struggling to get the best out of their cars.

He told BritishGT: “The Scuderia is well sorted now as it’s pretty much the same car that we ran in 2010 because there are no updates for the Scuderia as Ferrari have brought out the new 458 GT3.

“The new 458 is as yet an unknown quantity so Predator CCTV Racing decided to stick with last year’s car as historically new cars are always unreliable from the start so we are aiming to be right on the pace from the offset.”

And turning his attentions to the season opener at Oulton Park, Wilcox is hoping that pre-season testing and a car rebuild can be transferred to race pace.

He added: “The team has worked very hard over the winter rebuilding the car and we did find a few problems that may have hampered us at the end of last year.

“We have been out testing at Silverstone for the official media day and ended up third fastest and didn’t do a new tyre run so the pace was very good.

“We also visited Oulton Park where we were able to lap faster than last year so the early signs are good.

Adam Wilcox leads the pack

Wilcox hopes to be leader of the pack in 2011 and cant wait for Oulton opener

“I would hope that we can be right at the front, I had two pole positions last year and I hope that the Ferrari Scuderia is still competitive this season as there are a few new cars which could potentially be very fast.”

Despite the optimism Wilcox has been racing too long to rest on his laurels and explains that until the first competitive session at the Cheshire circuit this weekend nothing is a certainty.

He concluded: “It’s all looking good so far, and the new 2011 cars don’t seem to be any faster but you can never tell how quick everyone is until qualifying at the first race where everyone will be on low fuel, new tyres and really pushing to the limit.

“In testing it is always difficult to judge because weather conditions, the time of the year and other  factors can lead you into a false sense of security so until the lights go green for the first qualifying session no one will know how fast anyone is.”

Wilcox can’t wait to get back on track after winter break training

25 02 2011

Adam Wilcox on the grid

Wilcox discusses pre-race tactics

LICHFIELD speedster Adam Wilcox can’t wait for the new British GT season to get underway after a busy winter training schedule.

Wilcox is optimistic about race victories this year as a new backroom team have stripped the car down and rebuilt it to cure some of the reliability gremlins that dogged last season.

He told BritishGT: “We have a new race team behind the scenes now with Gerry Wainright Motorsport and he’s been really thorough with the whole car, it will be fully rebuilt and hopefully ready to challenge for outright victories like we were able to last year.”

Wilcox is keen to get his Ferrari Scuderia out on the track when the official test days start in March after training hard to get himself in shape for the longer endurance events.

He added: “I always train hard over the winter. I have been training at my local gym, outdoors and also training at the Ultimate Fighting Centre in Erdington.

“I have been doing as much cardio-vascular work as I can, some races are going to be three hours long so it’s going to be tough but I’m already prepared so I’m looking forward to it.”

Away from the gym, Wilcox has been keeping his eye in on the track courtesy of his PlayStation, competing against the other drivers on the grid.

He revealed: “I love my PS3. I’ve got a steering wheel and pedals all rigged up and play both Gran Turismo 5 and F1.

“It’s funny when you mention it to other drivers because they all have the same, so we have had some good online battles over the winter and it gets really competitive.

“The only difference is when the race is over I can go and make a cup of tea and then start all over again.”

The British GT season is set to be one of the most exciting for a while as new regulations have seen a host of new cars enter the competition.

A Mercedes SLS, Audi R8 and Ferrari 458 will be on the grid this season but Wilcox is looking forward to the challenge despite keeping the same car for another year.

He explained: “I think we know the Scuderia very well, and the first year for a new car is always going to be about learning and seeing what will last the distance and what won’t.

“We have to do lots more two and three hour races this year, I feel confident the Scuderia will last the distance whereas with a new car you just don’t know.

“Certainly for 2012 the latest cars will be the ones on top, but for this season it may pay to go with what you know.”

“We will have to see how that pans out at Oulton Park once the lights go green!”

Wilcox wants to be a winner in 2011 British GT title race

25 02 2011

Adam Wilcox leads the pack

Wilcox hopes to be leader of the pack for 2011

LICHFIELD GT racer Adam Wilcox believes that 2011 could be a championship-winning season.

Dogged by car problems and misfortune, Wilcox and amateur team-mate Phil Burton finished eighth overall in the 2010 title race and were left disappointed.

Wilcox, 34, told BritishGT: “As a racing team, driver or mechanic you’re never happy unless you’re winning so I think we all feel results could have been a lot stronger.

“I think we had enough pace to win races as well as do a lot better in the Championship but we always seemed to have something just not going quite right for us.”

“I believe if we can iron out all the issues from this season we could be in with a real chance of winning the Championship which has to be our main goal for 2011.”

One area definitely not lacking is Wilcox’s racing ability. The Staffordshire driver holds an impressive resume including being nominated for the prestigious Autosport McLaren Formula 1 Young Driver of the Year Award which has been won by drivers such as David Coulthard and Jenson Button.

He became the youngest ever 250cc FIA European Karting Champion at the age of 17 and vice champion in the 1997 Formula One support series.

Add to this an impressive spell in Japanese GT racing which saw him break ex-Formula One star Ralph Firman’s non-Japanese points record, and you can see why Wilcox was disappointed with 2010.

For the 2011 season, Wilcox will be again lining up in a Ferrari Scuderia GT3 alongside Phil Burton and it is one of his favourite cars to drive.

He explained: “The best race car I’ve ever driven was either a 1998 Formula 3000 car or the 2000 GT1 Dodge Viper.

“I love really powerful cars and the challenges they offer.

“I’d like to line up next to Vettel and Webber sometime. I have come close but never managed to sit in a current Formula One car, I’m still looking forward to that opportunity.”

“But I have to say the current Ferrari GT3 car is a pleasure to drive and is often the fastest GT3 car on some circuits.

“It’s always nice when you have a car that you know with the right setup and a good lap you can be at the front of the field.”

Beyond the track, Wilcox is a fitness fanatic and believes this helps with the physical demands of motor racing where concentration and physical endurance are paramount.

He said: “I train five days a week for at least two hours, as well as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) at the Ultimate Training Centre in Birmingham twice a week.

“I feel it’s something I need to do, so it keeps me capable of racing for long durations and I’m pretty sure I would be the fittest driver on any GT grid.”

Wilcox hopes that this fitness combined with the Ferrari power will propel him to the front of the field in the 2011 British GT Championship.